Pilot Safety Institute
Pilot Safety Institute
a Non-Profit organization to improve General Aviation Safety.

Our Vision is Simple.

The Pilot Safety Institute was founded by a Master Instructor, Lead FAA Safety Team Rep to work, with pilots, flight schools, instructors and, aviation groups worldwide, to reduce general aviation accidents from pilot error causes such as fuel starvation, weather and aeronautical decision making.

Our Mission:
The Pilot Safety Institute will accomplish our vision when all pilot training and retraining is safety based instead of skill based.  Pilots must be safety based in everything and every decision they make.  General Aviation pilots will become ambassadors to the world demonstrating how safe, fun, and amazing flight can be.

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Surviving Real Life Emergencies
Mon Sep 29th 6:30pm Pacific

Come spend an evening with an expert who will teach you how to make plan for and survive real life emergencies by covering real situations that have happened to him and others.  You will learn the 1 thing that makes the difference between living and dying.

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Mountain Flying
FREE Live Seminar
KTOA - Torrance, CA
Wed Oct 15th 6:30pm Pacific

Come spend an evening with an expert who will teach you how to make mountain flying easier, safe and, fun.  You will learn why mountain flying is different, effects of altitude on airplanes and pilots, mountain weather and some great basic strategies to avoid CFIT accidents

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