Pilot Safety Institute
Pilot Safety Institute
a Non-Profit organization to improve General Aviation Safety.

Our Vision is Simple.

The Pilot Safety Institute was founded by a Master Instructor, Lead FAA Safety Team Rep to work, with pilots, flight schools, instructors and, aviation groups worldwide, to reduce general aviation accidents from pilot error causes such as fuel starvation, weather and aeronautical decision making.

Our Mission:
The Pilot Safety Institute will accomplish our vision when all pilot training and retraining is safety based instead of skill based.  Pilots must be safety based in everything and every decision they make.  General Aviation pilots will become ambassadors to the world demonstrating how safe, fun, and amazing flight can be.

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25 Mistakes That Good Pilots Make
Mon Nov 24th 6:30pm Pacific

75 minutes with an expert who will cover the 25 most common pilot mistakes.  These are the mistakes that good pilots continue to make on a regular basis.  We will hold an open discussion on the three main reasons they happen and how to prevent them.  These mistakes happen on all level from students to airline pilots and are both VFR and IFR.  This is a must have class for anyone who wants to be a safer pilot or better instructor.

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