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The Pilot Safety Institute was founded by a Master Instructor, Lead FAA Safety Team Rep to work, with pilots, flight schools, instructors and, aviation groups worldwide, to reduce general aviation accidents from pilot error causes such as fuel starvation, weather and aeronautical decision making.

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Aviation-Xpo 2015! Palm Springs, CA 10/15-17

Join us for 3 great classes free with general admission to the XPO.
Thursday 4pm Surviving Engine Failures & Fires
Friday 11:30am iPad Basics - Getting Started
Saturday 1:30pm Single Pilot IFR Made Easy
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Garmin 430/530 Basics

   This is an introduction to Garmin 430/530 for people new to the system. This 90 minute webinar is taught in a fun style that will help make you safer when flying with the Garmin GPS. You will learn how to update databases, perform a self check and learn about the most commonly used functions including some shortcuts and use in an emergency.
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